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What Is the Difference Between Deck Paint and Deck Oiling ?

Most of the decking expert suggest stain over Paint or oil. As the wood shrink and expand with changes in moisture and temperature. The paint doesn’t have the ability to move the exact same way. That’s why it releases and let go off the wood which result into cracking and peeling off coating. Unlike paint decking oils are usually cheaper to buy and they do look great when you first apply them but they can dry out, they crack and they leave your timber exposed to whether condition. The reason for this is that decking oils don’t contain any pigment. Pigment that you’ll find in decking stains that actually protects the timber from fading & cracking from UV exposure. That’s Why many decking experts believe on deck staining to protect your deck.

How long the paint on deck can last ?

Your wooden decks need to be painted to last for years without annual maintenance. They tend to turn into a silver or grey color in time, but by painting it with right paint, you are protecting it from the UV rays. Painting will mask the flaws in your wooden deck, it can restore an old deck to like-new condition.

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