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Your deck probably needs some cleaning. Maybe you can do the work all alone.
But your cleaning won’t assure you that you have eliminated
unwanted elements in your deck.

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Deck Cleaning In Melbourne

deck cleaning in Melbourne

Oh, your deck probably needs some cleaning. Maybe you can do the work all alone. But your cleaning won’t assure you that you have eliminated unwanted elements in your deck. A semi-annual cleaning with an approved deck cleaner is advisable to use for most composite and decking products. If you want to clean your deck all by yourself, here are some advisable steps:

  • You can eliminate the debris off the deck through sweeping.
  • With the use of tap water, wash off the deck.
  • For better cleaning results, you can apply the cleaning solution. There are trusted stain remover or high-rated deck cleaning solution that can help eliminate the dirt in your deck.
  • Make sure to spray the deck clean. The cleaner you’ve used has a specific range in time- recommended by the manufacturer. After, you can spray water in your clean deck.

If you think that your deck is already in the fragile state and you have loaded of schedule to do the task, you can seek professional deck cleaning service in Melbourne. Gladly, Deck and Fence is only one call away! You can seek help with our excellent cleaning service for your deck.


We clean your deck excellently

Deck and Fence is a local Melbourne who specializes in a wide variety of deck and fence services. We have already earned positive testimonials with our clients and established a trusted reputation. With the experience and qualifications, we make sure to clean your deck a hundred percent. As you give the cleanliness of your deck in our hands, we make sure that there will be no complications to be faced. We guarantee you the best results with our perfect and right cleaning methods and tools.

We only hire the best and skilled persons in order to guarantee the positive outcomes of the cleaning. We don’t just clean your deck but also make sure to handle them rightly. You no longer need to frustrate yourself with the task of cleaning your deck. At an affordable price, you can avail of our Melbourne’s deck cleaning service. You will surely save not only your energy but also your money. We assure you that we put out your deck’s appearance at its best. We eliminate the grown mildew, take off the debris, and eradicate unwanted elements.

If you want the best cleaning you can have, make sure to choose the best service. Deck and Fence is the perfect option in terms of your needs. We love working with you and see you smile. Contact us now!

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Do you have to seal deck after power washing?

For the best results, it is required to seal the deck after washing. For pressure washing, we make use of detergent to saturate the deck within 15 minutes, they start the process. After the process of power washing, we apply the sealer after 24-36 hours. If in humid weather, we apply the sealer after 48-72 hours.

How do you clean a stained deck?

To clean a stained deck, you can create a deck cleaning solution. You can mix a ¼ cup of liquid dish soap with a gallon of water. Before you scrub, make sure to use stiff-bristled brush brook. Rinse with a water hose after cleaning the stained deck.

deck cleaning in Melbourne

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