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Is your deck beginning to look old? Don’t worry because our Melbourne deck
oiling and staining experts ensure that the timber is clean to accomplish
the best possible finish.

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Deck Oiling and Staining

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As you take a step on your deck, you’ll be able to realize that your deck is getting old. That can be frustrating, especially when you are expecting visitors in your property. You must find the best solution to make your deck look good again. Gladly, Deck and Fence can go all the way to your home and fix the matter!

Deck oiling and staining service In Melbourne

Deck and Fence is a local company in Melbourne Victoria that offers a wide variety of deck services. If you have any issue with the appearance of your deck, worry no more! Deck and Fence offers the best deck oiling and deck staining in Melbourne you can ever have. We make sure to give another spectacular appearance to your deck. We eliminate the signs of weathering and bring back the shine of your deck, using best available decking oils available on Australian market as Integrain, Haymes, JohnStone and Cutek, we can choose right product based on your deck traffic, weather exposure and personal needs.

We offer full deck maintenance services, which involves, deck cleaning, deck sanding, deck oiling, and deck staining Melbourne. Dependent on the usage and degree of weathering exposure elements, the types of maintenance differ. Our team is composed of deck maintenance experts that ensure the cleanliness of timber. We help in achieving the best possible deck appearance.

Our Deck Oiling And Staining Service Including Tasks:

  • Deck Sanding- For Deep Cleaning And Better Oil Penetration 
  • Deck Chemical Treatment – Help Remove Mildew And Timber Stains
  • Deck Oiling And Staining  – For Better Protection Of Timber Surface

So you can be assured that your deck will look clean and shiny with our professional treatment.


Benefits to Choose Deck and Fence

  • Qualified and Professional Deck Oiling & Staining Experts
  • Registered and Insured Business
  • 1 Year Warranty For No Peel And Fade
  • Full Detailed Quote
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Continued Communication with the Existing Clients for All Warranty Period
  • Increased Quality of the Property
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • On-time Project Delivery

Deck Oiling & Staining Cost Calculator

Use our form to estimate the cost of your deck maintenance project.

Our Process

1. Get an online estimate and submit your quote request
2. Our estimator will call you shortly to discuss and confirm your project details and book onsite consultation if necessary
3. You will receive within 24hours full detailed quote with all included fixed price
4. We schedule your project based on your needs and our availability
5. We come and do the job as promised and described
6. After completing the job, we give you 12 Months Warranty for no peel and fade

Letting your deck at its best

Never take your deck for granted and make sure to maintain its quality. With our deck staining and oiling service in Melbourne, you’ll be able to experience the overall value of your property. We don’t only add new aesthetics to your place but also make sure the durability and good function of your deck. As we start the process, we make sure to apply the right materials in order to avoid complications. We make sure to pick the best and high-quality materials for deck staining and oiling. This way, you can bring back the beauty of your deck while assuring its safety.

If in need of help, never hesitate to contact Deck and Fence. Our team is always there to assist. We bring new beauty and life to your deck. Contact us now!

Before And After Work

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Thanks Con and Victor for the great decking work last year.. It’s now due for a touch up and we will not hesitate to have you back. If Con is not happy the jobs not done.


Deck Oiling & Staining Cost Calculator

Use our form to estimate the cost of your deck maintenance project.


How long will it take to replace furniture on my fresh oiled deck ?

This depends on the temperature when the paint or stain was applied and the temperature after the product begins to dry, but assuming ideal conditions I would not recommend putting furniture or plants back on your deck for several days. Acrylic paints and stains take a solid week of really dry weather to cure, sometimes even longer.

How often should a deck be oiled?

Wooden decks need to be oiled every year. They tend to turn into a silver or grey color in time, but by oiling it every year you can protecting it from the UV rays.

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