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Deck Painting could be challenging tasks – not to mention they are time-consuming
too! Our Melbourne crew of deck painting specialists are
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Deck Painters


As you step in your unpainted deck, you can surely experience a dull moment. As you decide to let your deck be painted, you are now having the problem on what service is the best. Fortunately, you have nothing worry about- Deck and Fence are here to help!

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One of the best Melbourne deck painting services . It has the best deck painters in Melbourne that provides the best painting outcomes.

If you have a wood deck, always bear in mind that painting your wood deck is the one of the choices apart from deck oiling and staining. You can experience a lot of benefits, aside from pure aesthetics. You can choose any color you want for your deck. Our staff will assist you in finding the right one that will match in the structure of your property. Since paint is solid, you can cover another color or the wood itself to add extra beauty in your deck. Through painting, you no longer need to worry about your deck gaps and crack since it will fill these up. Painting is also a useful method to fix wood with small damages caused by elements. It will enable you to clean easier and not need deck re-coating every 12 months . We make sure to use high-quality paints that will create a hard shell and helps in eliminating dirt. Our deck painting service also

helps in resisting mold, avoid rotting, and damages that sunlight can cause. You can also choose for high-quality finishes we offer for the best outcomes.


Enjoy the outcomes at an affordable price

We have the most affordable deck painting cost in Melbourne. At a very competitive price, you’ll be able to experience the best paint color of your deck. You will feel no regrets regarding the service we provide since we make sure to give you the most excellent deck painting you can ever have.

We only hire the best deck painters to make sure of the quality of our works. They are experienced and well-trained in terms of the painting industry, so you are assured that you are in good hands. We make sure to use high-quality paints, tools, and needed skills in working with you. Our company has the qualifications and high standards in doing our job. We have credible and reliable staff that accommodate the need of our clients.

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Improving your deck’s appearance

We help in improving your deck’s appearance by adding color on it. If you have something in your mind, feel free to tell us your idea, and we make sure that we will work hard to give your desired results. We can also assist you throughout the planning, whether choosing the best color or finding the best method. You are assured that we’ll carefully listen to your suggestions as well as recommendations.

Not just by pure aesthetics and improving the deck’s appearance, we also help in building a tougher deck for your property. We offer deck painting service in Melbourne for the both residential and commercial owner. If you want to add color in your deck and have a longer service life, choose the best aid. Contact Deck and Fence now!

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Deck & Fence recently attended to our very large decking which was needing some serious attention. Con was always polite on time and worked in a professional manner to ensure each step of the restoration was done well. Extremely happy with this job. Will have him back again for other jobs for sure.


Deck Painting Cost Calculator

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What Is the Difference Between Deck Paint and Deck Oiling ?

Most of the decking expert suggest stain over Paint or oil. As the wood shrink and expand with changes in moisture and temperature. The paint doesn’t have the ability to move the exact same way. That’s why it releases and let go off the wood which result into cracking and peeling off coating. Unlike paint decking oils are usually cheaper to buy and they do look great when you first apply them but they can dry out, they crack and they leave your timber exposed to whether condition. The reason for this is that decking oils don’t contain any pigment. Pigment that you’ll find in decking stains that actually protects the timber from fading & cracking from UV exposure. That’s Why many decking experts believe on deck staining to protect your deck.

How long the paint on deck can last ?

Your wooden decks need to be painted to last for years without annual maintenance. They tend to turn into a silver or grey color in time, but by painting it with right paint, you are protecting it from the UV rays. Painting will mask the flaws in your wooden deck, it can restore an old deck to like-new condition.

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