Deck Restoration Melbourne

Do you have an existing deck you like to modify or restore? Deck & Fence could
help you out! Aside from constructing brand new custom decks, we will also
restore and fix your existing decks!

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Deck Restoration Melbourne

Deck restoration in Melbourne

Never neglect your deck, restore them! With Deck and Fence, you’ll be able to experience longer service of your deck. We are a premier Deck restoration in Melbourne. We make sure to maintain the quality and function of your deck.

Deck and Fence: Your best choice

There are so many deck restorators that you can find in Melbourne. But none of them assures like how Deck and Fence do. Our company offers deck restoration and Rejuvenation in Melbourne and have already gained positive testimonials with its clients. Working hard, we have already established an astounding reputation with the past works we have done for our clients. At the end of our service, we always see our clients smiling brightly towards our excellent service. That’s why we work so hard in order to maintain trust and continue in giving joy.

If you already have a deck in your property, it is your responsibility to restore it. If you don’t want to spend money over building new decks, it is very recommendable to maintain and restore your present decks. With our service, you have nothing to worry about since we offer outstanding deck restoration. You may find other deck rejuvenation services Melbourne, but no company strives so hard like Deck and Fence. If you want to restore your deck, make sure to pick the best choice- Deck and Fence is always there to help.


We maintain the quality of your decks

In extending your new deck and bring a new excellent life to your existing deck, our service is the best thing to rely on.

 Here are some services we offer for your deck rejuvenation project.

  • Fixing Deck Structure And Boards
  • Rebuild And Extend Your Existing Deck
  • Fix Raised Nails And Screws
  • Deck Sanding- Help Remove Old Coatings And Better Oil Penetration
  • Deck Chemical Treatment- Help Kill And Prevent From  Organic Elements
  • Deck Seal or Deck Painting- Protect Decks Natural Colour And Life

Decks are always in need of regular maintenance. They need a nice spring cleaning with suitable cleanser every year. All throughout the year, the cleanser helps in maintaining the deck free organic materials. Use a cleaner that contains any of the following for the best results and ensures to follow the instruction for use provided by the manufacturer:

  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Oxalic Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Painting/staining/sealing

Painting, staining, or sealing can help in keeping the quality of your deck. It helps in resisting any weather damages that can shorten your deck’s life. Make sure to use high-quality deck sealers or paint.

  • Mildew

Make use of cleaners in washing your deck periodically. To scrub heavily stained surfaces, make use of stiff brush and rinse it off with the use of a hose. You may find your deck clean, but you need to clean it and avoid build-up debris or pollen. This can help in protecting your deck against mildew.

Our Process

1. Get an online estimate and submit your quote request
2. Our estimator will call you shortly to discuss and confirm your project details and book onsite consultation if necessary
3. You will receive within 24hours full detailed quote with all included fixed price
4. We schedule your project based on your needs and our availability
5. We come and do the job as promised and described
6. After completing the job, we give you 12 Months Warranty for no peel and fade


Use our form to estimate the initial cost of deck restoration.

Restore for a nicer future

We help you do the job effectively and efficiently. The deck restoration Melbourne cost won’t make your wallet empty since we offer service at a reasonable price. We help in restoring your deck that will free yourself from stress and frustrations. You no longer need to feel the burden of your deck for we’ll be there to aid.

If you want a nicer future for your deck, never hesitate to let them be restored with Deck and Fence. Together, let’s create the best restoration and Rejuvenation for your deck. Call us now!

Before And After Work

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We Been In This Industry And Business For Long Time To Build Signicativ Previous Projects Portofolio And List of Satisfied Customers

Deck & Fence recently attended to our very large decking which was needing some serious attention. Con was always polite on time and worked in a professional manner to ensure each step of the restoration was done well. Extremely happy with this job. Will have him back again for other jobs for sure.



Use our form to estimate the initial cost of deck restoration.


What kinds of natural wood surfaces need restoring and maintenance?

The most common types of natural surface we restore and maintain are the following:

• Wood decks
• Wood fences
• Gazebos
• Garage doors
• Sheds
• Playsets
• Cedar siding
• Long homes
• Teak outdoor furniture

Is it worth investing for my deck even if it’s too deteriorated or damaged to restore?

We can be the best solution once your deck is too damaged for restoration. We remove the expense of breaking it down and from the ground up. We assist in building a new deck again. Deck and Fence have the process that renovates your deck by eliminating all the exhausted decking and railing. With the new premium decking materials, we help you replace it with better and high-quality materials.

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High Quality Deck & Fence Services At Most Affordable Cost In Melbourne

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