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Deck and Fence is a Melbourne local business that offers a wide
variety of both deck and fence services. With the best team, we make sure to
give the excellent results you desire.

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Deck Sanding


When it comes to deck sanding, Deck and Fence offers the best service!

Deck and Fence is a Melbourne local business that offers a wide variety of both deck and fence services. With the best team, we make sure to give the excellent results you desire. We offer is deck sanding and floor sanding in mornington peninsula also. We have expert staff who works with passion and sand your deck smoothly.

Love your newly sanded deck

You can rely on our professional service. We make use of the appropriate materials and method in sanding your deck. We never take a rush and make sure to the service with the best quality. We always aim to give the best results to our clients and never want to disappoint them. Since we work with passion, you are assured that we will always give what you have expected- we can even positively exceed your expectations.

We have the qualifications and experience in doing deck sanding, so you have nothing to worry about. We avoid creating other complications and handle any situations very well.


Awesome benefits of sanding your deck

You can reap a lot of benefits once you let us sand your deck. Deck sanding helps to enhance the colour of the existing timber coats. Without the need of applying harsh chemicals, it also helps in eliminating the old colour. Our deck service ensures you that the recoating process is convenient and much easier. The deck sanding cost depends on different factors such as the status of the existing timber, your selected timber floor finish, and other wood floor repairs. To remove sanding marks, we sand all the deck edges. As for the final step, we buff the floors.

Never neglect the weariness of your deck since it can make your exterior structure unpresentable- especially if you are expecting visitors. Do not frustrate yourself over the appearance of your deck. Be confident by calling us! We can do the job right away for you. We help in smoothing the rough edges of your deck and eliminate splinters. These splinters can result in distress underfoot and may injury your pets if you have. With our deck sanding, the overall look of your deck will improve much better.

If you want to show off the best appearance of your deck and eliminate the risks of damage, you can contact us! We make sure to give you your expected results.

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What is the best sander to use for hardwood floors?

If you have hardwood floors, the best sander to use is lighter grit sandpaper. This will take three sessions for that. To start, you can make use of a coarse with 30-40 grit. Then, use a medium 50-60 girt and for the final session 80-100 grit. If you have flat floors, you can make use of orbital sander. This type of sander provides convenience while handling, unlike a drum sander. This helps in removing directional scratches.

How long will it take in sanding a floor?

Sanding a floor can take three to four days to accomplish. It also varies on the length of the deck you want to sand.

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