Fence Painting

Fence painting in Melbourne is more than just curb appeal. They are about maintaining the
exterior features of your home. Deck & Fence team follow a proven process to
make sure your fence is maintained throughout our services.

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Fence Painters in Melbourne


Fences have very important contributions to the structure of your property and add ups to exterior designs. If you ever dreamed of having the best color of fencing, why not find the perfect solution? Gladly, we are the best solution you can have!

Deck and Fence have best fence painters in Melbourne. It has been established to help both residential and commercial customers in adding up the beauty of their place. With the perfect team, we make sure to accommodate the needs of our clients in terms of the fence they want to put color on. We make sure to listen to your desired ones and come up with the best solution. We consult you all throughout the process and make sure that you won’t regret your newly painted fence.

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Protecting your fence against unwanted elements

There’s no greater choice than letting your fence be painted to avoid unwanted elements. We are the fence painting experts in Melbourne that works hand in hand with our clients to come up with the best outcome. We have the best painters that offer a wide range of painting services for your fencing. You can protect your fence against weather changes, wear, and unwanted damages. You have nothing to worry about with your fence material since the service comes with complete fencing materials. We also cover other services such as-

  • Timber Fence Painting
  • Steel Fence Painting
  • Iron Fence Painting
  • Brick And Render Fence Painting
  • Colourbond Fence Painting


Why Choose Us For Your Fence Painting Project?

  • Full Detailed Quote
  • Professional and Friendly Fence Painters
  • Instant And Cost Effective Transformation
  • No Mess And Overspray
  • 5 Years Warranty For No Peel And Fade
  • Fence Colour Consultation

Creating the best place to live in with a majestic fence

Don’t make your fence dull ones, make them lively! With our fence painting service, you’ll be able to put extra color in your fences. This will add up more beauty and make passers-by put

their attention towards your fence. We give extra attractions with a long-lasting effect of paints. Your concept will be achieved no matter what the quality is of your fence. We have skilled and experienced fence painters that work with a passion for giving you your desired outcomes with a stress-free experience.

Our Process

1. Get an online estimate and submit your quote request
2. Our estimator will call you shortly to discuss and confirm your project details and book onsite consultation if necessary
3. You will receive within 24hours full detailed quote with all included fixed price
4. We schedule your project based on your needs and our availability
5. We come and do the job as promised and described
6. After completing the job, we give you 12 Months Warranty for no peel and fade


Use our form to estimate the cost of your project.

Best fence painting quality

We don’t just paint your fence; we make sure to use high-quality exterior fence paint with a great outcome. We can assist you in choosing the perfect fence colour that will match perfectly in your property. If you have suggested colour or style, don’t keep it to yourself! Tell us confidently, and we’ll make sure to make your desired plan come true.

The beauty we provide with your painted fencing can be experienced not only for a short period but for longer! So, you can save your money and keep it with other matter. The fence painting cost in Melbourne won’t surely wreck your budget. At a reasonable price, you can flatter your eyes with the best fence painting service you can have. Our team makes sure to use the appropriate tools and method required for the material of your fencing. We always come up on the best painting techniques and make sure to maintain a plastered smile on your face.

So, what are you waiting on? Put your fence alive with Melbourne’s best fence painting company. Contact us now, and experience great results!

Before And After Work


Deck & Fence recently attended to our very large decking which was needing some serious attention. Con was always polite on time and worked in a professional manner to ensure each step of the restoration was done well. Extremely happy with this job. Will have him back again for other jobs for sure.



What is the best paint for fence?

The fence can expose to many elements it’s very important to keep them in good condition. There are many factors which contribute to quality of paint like color, longevity and cost. The good fence paint should be easy to use with little dripping and mess. It can be applied with a brush or sprayer. It covers well with one coat, even on old fences that haven’t been treated for a while, and leaves a nice waxy finish. The best fence paint provides a great finish with minimum mess and fuss!

Should I paint or stain my fence?

If you want for the longer service life of your fence, it is very recommendable to let your fence be painted. It helps in eliminating undesirable elements in your fence, but staining can be a better choice if you have a wooden deck. Through this, the wood absorbs more the stain.

Why Fence Spray Painting?

The sprayer is much more effective and require less hard work. It is very convenient for Large fences. Many experts will recommend it in spite of its high costing. You can spray a panel in about 10 mins compared to brush painting and the spray gets into all the nooks and crannies that you miss with a brush.

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